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Signs of the Time

“Enough is Enough.” “Congress: Value kids’ lives more than NRA $.” “The Second Amendment says: A well regulated militia…Well Regulated!” “Ready Aim VOTE”

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Three Book Covers, Three World Series Seasons

The cover with Tim Lincecum on the left was about the 2010 World Series season. The cover with Pablo Sandoval in the middle was about the 2010 and 2012 World Series seasons. The cover with Madison Bumgarner on the right incorporates the text of all three World Series seasons.    

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“…the true calling of America…”

The life and work of a writer is often a mixture of fact and fiction. Yet for many writers some of the best stories they share come from real life, especially their own. This can be said of San Francisco-based writer Joseph Sutton who has recently published a semi-autobiographical work called The Life and Death of Abraham Massry and Other Stories.

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How to Order Joseph Sutton’s Books

If you want to hold a real, physical book written by Joseph Sutton, you can order from this website or you can walk into or call any bookstore in the United States and order from them.

If you are a Kindle reader interested in any of Joseph Sutton’s books at a very low price, click here: Amazon Kindle

If you are an e-book reader interested in any of Joseph Sutton’s books at a very low price online, click here:

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San Francisco Author Writes Novel “A Class of Leaders”

It may have taken him over 40 years to get his book published, but San Francisco author Joseph Sutton is proud and excited about his latest novel A Class of Leaders. Set in 1969 at a black ghetto high school in South Central Los Angeles, the names have been changed but the words of the students are taken from Sutton’s real life experience as a teacher.

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