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“…a literary grand slam…”

“Joseph Sutton loads all the bases with such classic American themes as sports, travel on the road, and rollercoaster relationships… [and] brings these tales home with a literary grand slam in the title story that would have elicited a growl of approval from his celebrated role model, William Saroyan, and now evokes a howl of delight from us — the noisy fans in the bleachers.” —Ramon Sender Barayon, author of A Death in Zamora and A Planetary Sojourn

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“In an hour, you’ve laughed, sighed, gasped, held back a tear…”

“Imagine taking your seat for a long flight with your favorite book. But the guy sitting next to you starts telling a story. A minute later, you’ve closed the book. You ask to hear more. In an hour, you’ve laughed, sighed, gasped, held back a tear, then said to hell with it and let it fall. You don’t want this flight to ever end. Joe Sutton is the guy talking, and he’s also your pilot.” —Joe Quirk, author of The Ultimate Rush and Exult

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“…the unknown in these tales allows the imagination to thrive…”

“When you think of Los Angeles, what comes to mind? Most people see a kaleidoscopic image of vibrant glamour, broken dreams, infinite variety, and cheap thrills. Having grown up in Hollywood, Joseph Sutton brings his expertise in the grind and shine of thrill seeking and small wonders from Los Angeles to the context of all life in The Immortal Mouth, his first collection of short stories.”

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