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Week 51 – Why I Write II

In “Week 8 – Why I Write” I wrote down 16 reasons why I write.  I’m adding ten more to this week’s entry.  You might find a few that are similar from what I wrote back then, but that’s OK, we human beings are always repeating ourselves in one way or another.

I write to be serious, playful and insightful.

I write to be a historian of my time and place.

I write for future generations to read my words.

I write to present a new and different perspective on things.

I write to find out what’s inside my mind.

I write to ponder the past and foresee the future.

I write to keep my mind active.

I write to inspire and influence others.

I write to tell a damn good story.

I write because I want to, need to and have to.