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“This book is about so much more than baseball.”

I have never been a person that is particularly interested in sports, but I am deeply interested in the stories that surround them. I like to hear about the underdog that has been able to pull through to greatness. I enjoy how teams come from a heartbreaking loss to a victory that no one seemed to see coming. I also enjoy the stories of how through sports individuals are able to connect and share in a way that nothing else would allow.
San Francisco Giants: A Fan’s Journal by Joseph Sutton gives us all the above and so much more. We are not only able to see how the San Francisco Giants came to win three World Series titles in five years, but how those reflections brought the author back to the memories of how baseball has shaped not just his life but that of his son Ray. We are able to see how baseball helped to not just bring them together but to also teach important lessons along the way.
“I love my son, I love baseball, and I love teaching,” Joseph Sutton writes in San Francisco Giants, and through the order he lists we are able to see what his priorities are. Through his love he is able to impart amazing lessons to both his son as well as to the reader. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to see the lessons in this book. You will read about the struggles, the planning and the victories and remember what is possible for us all. This book is about so much more than baseball. It’s about the family on the field as well as the ones watching. It’s about a father-son connection that forms, and there’s nothing else like it. —Cyrus A. Webb, “Conversations Book Club”