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“Baseball…a way of life.”

By Tasion Kwamilele  May

Baseball is not just a sport for Joseph Sutton; it’s a way of life. In his new book, San Francisco Giants: A Fan’s Journal 2010, 2012, 2014, he chronicles the three Giants World Series seasons as well as the relationship with his son and its progression as he coached his son’s Little League teams over two decades ago. “I write in my journal almost every day and the Giants, during baseball season, kept coming up on the page,” Sutton said, discussing the motivation behind the book. “I just took all the notes I had in my journal and put them together.” Growing up in Los Angeles, Sutton was a huge fan of Jackie Robinson, his “hero.” Sutton wanted to be just like Robinson as a teenager. His love for Robinson deepened his feelings for baseball, which ultimately molded the relationship he has with his son today.