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Week 9 – When Ideas Come a-Knockin’

So many ideas come to mind when I’m away from my desk. I can be doing anything–loading the laundry, eating dinner, talking on the phone, gardening, reading the newspaper, watching TV, walking or driving–when all of a sudden an idea will pop into my head.

Here’s the thing: I always make sure to write down the idea right away. If I don’t, I’ll not only forget it, I’ll regret it.

“If that’s the case,” you might ask, “how do you write down an idea while driving?”

Being that I always have a pen and notepad in my shirt pocket, I pull over and write it down. It should be no different with a smartphone–pull over to prevent an accident and text or memo to yourself.

For a writer, pen and paper are a must at all times, even on your nightstand, because you never know when an idea will come a-knockin’.