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Week 40 – How to Write and Love Doing It

Here I go again, repeating myself, but I have another take on rapid/fast/swift writing.

A lot of people are hesitant to write because they feel that every word has to be perfect the first time out, that whatever they write is like taking a test in school. In short, they think writing is a chore. This is a fallacy.

I say a person would love to write if he or she feels free and loose and could write down anything that comes to mind. This is called stream of consciousness writing, writing as fast as you can without holding any thoughts or feelings back.

Get it all down, as swiftly as you can. Don’t fret and mope, feel free and loose. If you want to make something out of what you’ve written, then start revising and shaping your work. That’s how to write and love doing it at the same time. It’ll be a fun thing to do instead of a chore.