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“…very helpful to all fathers and sons…”

“I spent the day reading Joseph Sutton’s new book, Father and Son: Thirty Years of Growing Up Together, and very much enjoyed it. It’s a book that will be very helpful to all fathers and sons, or for those who are planning to become fathers. The author is a very honest person, and it shows in the way he describes all the ups and downs throughout his son’s growing years. I admire him not only for his honesty, but also for the way he put his love of sports to use in helping his boy mature. Frankly, Sutton provides a role model that puts other fathers to shame (including me!)—or better yet, will inspire them in turn to emulate his example. It’s very moving to read how both father and son interacted and changed over the course of thirty years. I hope the book gets the readership it deserves! Well written, and inspiring!” —Ramon Sender Barayón, author of A Death in Zamora