TRUMP TIMES: Three Essays

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” wrote Thomas Paine in 1776. Yes, these 2017 Trump Times are trying a lot of men and women’s souls. Being a writer, I can no longer be silent, for as professional football player Michael Bennett has said, “There’s a point where silence is becoming dishonest.” The three essays in this book show why Donald Trump is a menace to America’s ideals.

One of three essays – “Respect”

President Trump,

Respect. That’s what you bring to the nation’s attention when you talk about professional football players who don’t stand while our national anthem is being played. You want those players who kneel, the ones who you think don’t respect our country, the military or the flag, the ones you call “son-of-a-bitches,” suspended or fired.

Well, let’s talk about respect, Mr. President. Those players are kneeling because they want to live in a country that will respect black people. They are kneeling for justice. They are kneeling so the police around the country won’t treat black people as second-class citizens. Mr. President, instead of dividing this country into patriots and non-patriots, you should be praising and honoring those courageous souls who are peacefully expressing their Constitutional right to once and for all rid of racism in this country.

Respect. Mr. President, you didn’t show any respect to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria devastated their island. You showed no respect by playing basketball with rolls of paper towels as you distributed them. You said to the Puerto Ricans that Hurricane Katrina was much worse than Maria because Katrina killed many more people. Who in their right mind would say such a thing to people who barely survived one of the worst hurricanes of their lives?

Respect. Mr. President, did you show any respect for women when you were caught bragging about kissing, groping and touching their genitals in a video recording, all because you were the rich and famous Donald Trump? Sir, you are a misogynist.

Respect. You have no respect for the office you hold when you are caught lying to the American people on a daily basis? Every time the established press criticizes you, you say it’s “fake news.” You said if you had your way you’d shut down any news organization that doesn’t agree with you. I would like to remind you, Mr. President, that “freedom of the press” is part of the first amendment of our Constitution.

Respect. You are a round-the-clock liar, Mr. President. You lied for years when you said that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. You are undoing everything that Obama passed during his time in office. I believe, sir, you are not only a misogynist but also a racist.

Respect. Mr. President, you have no respect for your fellow Americans, or even the world’s population, when you refuse to admit that climate change is taking place. Ninety-five percent of climate researchers say climate change is occurring. So what do you go and do, you back the polluting industries of coal, oil and gas and say nothing about the environmentally clean solar, wind and geothermal industries.

Respect. Everything you do, Mr. President, goes against what is good for this country. You want to build a totally useless and wasteful wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. You break treaties that President Obama signed. You are now the darling of the neo-Nazis, the KKK and the NRA. You have no respect for those who were killed and injured in the Las Vegas mass shooting, or, for that matter, any past or future mass shooting, when you refuse to speak up for reasonable gun control laws. You shut your mouth and wait for the next mass shooting so you can again send your “thoughts and prayers” to the victims’ families.

Respect. You have no respect for black people, Latin people, Muslims, women, the LGBTQ community, dreamer children or even the laws of this land. If you respected all Americans instead of kissing up to racists, mentally ill gun owners, the religious right, the greedy and misogynists, you might be getting rave reviews from established news agencies instead of being continually criticized by them.

Mr. President, you deserve no respect from me or anyone else.

Joseph Sutton

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